Who Was I?

I was a man with a heart full of love
For my family, my friends and for God above
For the seas, the skies, and the mountains high
I wanted to see it all - not let life pass me by

So I travelled the world and saw lots of its beauty
God gave me a life: to live it well was my duty
I jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet
What an experience that was, it was totally "sweet"

I camped for a night in the depths of Grand Canyon
Stood in the Alcatraz cells of solitary confinement
I blew the bank account in Vegas, and admitted defeat
Roulette was the problem; it's not easy to beat

I climbed the highest mountain in Australia and had a blast
I thought "I might as well" since I was just driving past
Then I bungee jumped with rope tied round my legs
And partied on the beach with new friends and beer kegs

I've been to the depths of the ocean 
I've walked above the clouds
I've swam with giant manta rays 
it’s all made me so proud

There was no end to my ambition
A list as long as my arm 
It included things like "Everest" 
Not "settling down on a farm"

I climbed Mont Blanc and reached the summit
I was standing on top of the world
The clouds, the sky, you've seen nothing like it
It was perfect until the tragedy unfurled

On the way back down I slipped and I fell
It really all happened so fast
But I was the happiest man on the face of the earth
And that's the memory I want to last

Holiday’s love and laughter I've done it all
I've travelled the world and had an absolute ball
There are plenty of places I still want to go
So scatter me in the ocean, and I'll get there you know

Mourn me as I know you will
But then turn to life and smile
Feel me when you face the sun
And stay with me a while

The last request I make to you all
And I need you to take it to heart:
Live a good and happy life
And love with all your heart

Make the best of what you have
You never know when it will be gone
Make the most of the time you've got
Regrets? There should be none

I'm no longer here to give you a hug
Like you, I wish I could
But I'm sure you'll agree, when all's said and done
I lived my life, I won

I'll leave you now, with love in my heart
It really is time to fly
I know I was loved and I'll take that with me
I was so happy to be Si